Even if the city was already struggling in economical terms, L’Aquila nowadays is undergoing major structural changes due to the natural disaster occurred on the 6th of April 2009. What has been more affected is its territory that, apart from the historical city centre, is acting as a “relief valve” to the several changes concurring to create different and conspicuous imbalances and conflicts, mirroring on its fragmentation.

As complementing to the photographic project, L’Aquila’s Post-Quake Landscapes (2009-2014) will edit a small publication that gathers data relating to the post-earthquake reconstruction and some essays by different actors and scholars about the “post” condition of L’Aquila’s territory.
The contributions will be interdisciplinary and will try to give an overview of several points of view of what has been happening in L’Aquila. Starting from the transformations of the urban and social space, in order to describe also the actions (best practices, formal and informal practice, etc) dealing with the reconstruction in a sustainable way, that is integrated and sensitive to immaterial processes, to the memory, to the social relationships to rebuild and to the public spaces to reshape.