The book will grow up collecting the micro-stories of best-practices of post-quake social and spatial transformations, that will be added in this website during the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia (7th june – 23th november).

L’Aquila’s Post-Quake Landscapes gathers under 7 main macro-themes (Absence, Suspension, Reconstructions, Demolitions, Temporariness, Landscape Transformations, City Elsewhere) the temporalities and the fragmentations observed going hand in hand in a circular relationship of cause-effect.

The thematic sections will be structured the forthcoming publication, that will collect the descriptions of the social landscapes in transformations and the good-practices for the physical and social reconstruction, together with the outcome of “Lucid Schizophrenia” a workshop organized by ETICity (16-21 settembre 2014) during La Biennale – section Weekend Specials.

The book in progress is edited by Claudia Faraone & Andrea Sarti and published by professionaldreamers.